Custom printer tear drop flag

Teardrop flag

Teardrop flags, commonly referred to as teardrop flag banners or teardrop feather flags, are large teardrop-shaped flags with any custom design printed on them using a dye sublimation process. They are attached to a lightweight aluminum and fiberglass flagpole and are either stuck into the ground or placed on some type of flag stand. This flagpole is bendable, keeping the teardrop flag taut with and without wind.

Using a teardrop flag banner in front of your store or business will surely be an eye-catcher and help draw the attention of those that pass by. Advertising your business is made simple and effective with these teardrop flag banners.

Feather flag

Feather flag are one of the many different types of advertising flags. The bottom of the flag is cut at an feather, hence the name ‘feather flag’. They are similar to teardrop flags.

Feather flag banners are ideally used as outdoor promotional displays for storefronts and businesses. They are also frequently used in conjunction with events, parades, and markets. Simple, yet aesthetically pleasing, feather flag banners are excellent for drawing the attention of potential customers.

Feather flag full color custom printed
Double sided Feather flag full color custom printed

Double sided print

Double sided flags are the most visible and effective form of teardrop flags, giving you the ability to print your design on both sides. Each side can be the same or different, depending on your needs..
The double sided flags come with a lining in the middle that prevents each side from showing through to the other.
We recommend double sided for all your teardrop flags, as it provides the most vibrant and noticeable graphics from any direction.

Single sided print

Single sided flags are printed on one side only. As a result, the design is “print through”, which means that your design will be slightly visible from the back side.
Single sided are not as effective as double sided but are more cost sensitive.
Single sided Feather flag full color custom printed

The material of flag pole-Aluminium and Glass fiber

The material of flag fabric-110g knitting fabric

feather flag sizes

Price includes graphic,pole,spike base,carry bag

2.8M (9.2FT)$20.82
3.6M (11.8FT)$23.1
4M (13.2FT)$28.2
4.6M (15.1FT)$30.55
5M (16.4FT)$36.2
5.6M (18.4FT)$39.53

Price includes graphic,pole,spike base,carry bag

2.8M (9.2FT)$16.2
3.6M (11.8FT)$17.5
4M (13.2FT)$20.4
4.6M (15.1FT)$21.8
5M (16.4FT)$25.8
5.6M (18.4FT)$27.7

Price includes graphic,pole,spike base,carry bag

2.8M (9.2FT) $21.3
3.6M (11.8FT) $24.5
4M (13.2FT) $27.8
4.6M (15.1FT) $31.2
5M (16.4FT) $40.8
5.6M (18.4FT) $49

Price includes graphic,pole,spike base,carry bag

2.8M (9.2FT) $16.3
3.6M (11.8FT) $18.2
4M (13.2FT) $20.2
4.6M (15.1FT) $24
5M (16.4FT) $28.1
5.6M (18.4FT) $32.5

Install in minutes without using any tools


Safe packaging


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the material of the poles differ depending on the size of the beach flag banner I order?

The material of the flagpole does not vary with size. All sizes use an aluminum flagpole with a small, more flexible portion of fiberglass.

  • Are the flagpoles designed to be interchangeable between banner sizes?

No, each flagpole is designed to support a banner of the corresponding size. If you’re displaying a medium beach flag banner, you will need to support it using a medium sized flagpole. By selecting the Pole Set option we will ensure you get the right pole set size.

  • What is the lifespan of your teardrop banner?

The lifespan of our beach flag banner depends on how well you care for it and day to day usage. Typically, when properly cared for, the banner will last 2+ years. Overexposure to the sun or harsh weather, like high winds and heat, will diminish the lifespan of the banner. This is detailed more in the question below.

  • Will exposure to sun or the elements, such as wind, affect the banner?

Placing the banner in direct sunlight will cause the quality of your design to fade quicker than if the banner was placed in shade or indoors. Notwithstanding, it typically requires prolonged and direct exposure to the sun to see any kind of fading or deterioration of the banner or printed portion.

The lifespan of your custom teardrop banner will decrease if you use the banner in harsh conditions in comparison to placing/using it indoors. If you’re displaying the banner in harsh weather conditions, like strong wind, heavy rain or snow, there is a chance that it can become permanently damaged. Strong winds can cause unwanted bending in the flagpole and could possibly knock over the banner. We recommend taking down your teardrop banner and storing it if inclement weather is imminent.

  • Are flag banners prone to tearing?

With most polyester fabrics, there is a chance that they can rip or tear when not properly cared for. We suggest keeping your banner away from sharp objects or areas or conditions where it is likely to tip over. Repeated assembly and disassembly can also cause fraying or tearing of the banner pole pocket over a period of time. Notwithstanding, assuming correct use having your banner tear is extremely rare.

  • If I print my banner in more than one color am I charged more?

All of our banners are printed in full color, meaning that no matter how many colors you use in your design, it will not affect the cost of your banner. Size and quantity of banners as well as options selected, on the other hand, will increase the cost of your order.

  • Are your banners a matte or gloss finish?

The banner will have a matte finish, which means that it will not be shiny or reflective.

  • Will my banner melt if placed in direct sunlight or high temperatures?

Polyester will heat up in direct sunlight but it will not melt. Typically, polyester melts at around 450 degrees, so there is no need to worry about placing it in direct sunlight. However, direct sunlight over an extended period can cause fading of the design if not properly cared for.

  • What is the water bag? Can it be filled with sand?

The water bag is a plastic, inflatable, donut-shaped weight that can be placed on the cross base to increase stability of the base and flagpole. The bag, though designed for water in mind, can be filled with sand. If alternating between sand and water use, make sure the inside of the bag is dry before filling with sand. Also, ensure all sand is removed from the bag before filling it with water.

  • Are your flag banners fire resistant?

While polyester banners do have a slight fire resistant quality to them, it is not recommended that you place them near an open flame. Polyester, when subjected to extreme heat, can melt.

  • Can I put two banners on one pole?

The purchased pole set is only designed to display one banner. When securing the flagpole to the banner, it requires tying them together, which cannot be achieved when there are multiple banners.

  • Will my banner become faded or worn over time?

Unless you display the banner inside or out of direct sunlight, your banner may become faded over an extended period of time. Like with any material, exposure to the outside elements can cause wear and tear over time. This wear and tear can include fading of the sign itself. Any fading that may occur will depend on the usage rate and climate in which it is used but from our experience fading is not evident before a year or more of sustained use. We also recommend storing your custom teardrop banner in stormy or extreme weather of any kind.



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