Fitted Custom Full Color Table Cover

Stretch table covers are made from a tension or stretch fabric that can be pulled tight over standard rectangular tables used at events, tradeshows, conferences and more.

Fitted Custom Full Color Table Cover SDF
Professional Look
Made from 240g polyester tension fabric,or elastic cloth.This spandex like material allows you to stretch the cover over a standard 4 or 6 and 8 foot tradeshow table for a clean professional look.
Perfect for conferences, tradeshows, and other events, where you may need a branded display or presentation table.
Fitted Custom Full Color Table Cover SDGD
Open Back for Easy Storage
Our table covers feature an open back (referred to as “3-sided”) which creates a perfect storage area for any marketing materials or boxes you may wish to keep out of sight.
Fitted Custom Full Color Table Cover DFG
All Sides Are Printable!
The front, top, and sides of the stretch table cover are all printable, allowing your design to cover the complete cover in full color.
Reinforced and durable footing pockets for each of the four table legs help keep the cover in place during use.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What colors do you offer for your table covers?

You can print your custom table throw any color you’d like. This includes the branded portion of your design. It can include graphics, photography, type, and more.

  • Do you print double-sided table covers?

We only offer single-sided printing for our table throws. Though with this single sided printing you are still able to print on all four sides of the table throw if desired. Whether you intend on having something on top of the table or not, the top portion of your table throw can also be printed on.

  • Will my table covers have seams?

There will be no seams present on your table throw regardless of which size you choose. Both our 6′ and 8′ custom table throws are one piece of fabric.

  • Are the table throws a matte or gloss finish?

Your table covers will have a matte finish.

  • Should I be concerned about the table covers ripping or tearing?

You should not have to worry about the table throw ripping or tearing when it is properly displayed and stored. Sharp objects can pierce the material if care is not given when handling those objects around the table throw. Avoid placing sharp objects directly on top of the table throw when in use. Also, avoid storing the table throw in a location that has sharp edges that may tear or snag the fabric during storage.

  • Can I use table covers outdoors?

You can use the table throw outdoors. We recommend only using it outdoors in calm weather conditions.

  • Are your table throws weather resistant?

Our table throws are not designed to be weather resistant. Displaying the throw in inclement weather could cause damage to the product. Prolonged exposure to rain water without immediate cleaning afterwards can result in the formation of mold and mildew.

  • Are table throws fire resistant?

Your table throw is printed onto a flame retardant material that meets NFPA 701 SMALL SCALE. That said, we strongly recommend keeping your table throw away from any open flame or heat source.

  • Do your table throws come pre-treated with a stain resistant coat?

Our table throws are not treated with any special stain resistant coat.

  • Will the design on my display fade over time? Is it able to be scratched off?

The dye sublimation printing process results in a design that is both fade and scratch resistant. Normal use and proper storage of the table throw will protect the design from becoming damaged.

  • My display is wrinkled – how do I remove the wrinkles?

If wrinkles are present in your table covers, simply use a handheld steamer to remove them. Do not use an iron to remove wrinkles; this can potentially damage the table covers.




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