Tension fabric displays are the ideal backdrop for a variety of indoor display options. Constructed from a 260g knitting fabric and lightweight aluminum frame,combined with the lightweight oxford carrying case, is the perfect portable display. The stretchable fabric results in a smooth display, with a high-quality design printed using dye sublimation. Versatility and durability make the tension fabric display an effective display at trade shows, conventions, media events, photoshoots, weddings, or for other backdrop needs.

The materials of the frame use high-quality aluminum oxide

The material of the graphic is 260gsm knitting fabric

The material of the carry bag is 1600D oxford cloth


Price with advantage

Price includes frame,graphic,carry bag

2x8ft $57
3x8ft $69
4x8ft $80
5x8ft $91
8x8ft $126
10x8ft $148
20x8ft $289

Price includes frame,graphic,carry bag

2x8ft $59.5
3x8ft $72
4x8ft $84
5x8ft $96
8x8ft $135
10x8ft $159
20x8ft $313

Price includes frame,graphic,carry bag

8x8ft $120
10x8ft $170
20x8ft $300

Price includes frame,graphic,carry bag

8x8ft $129
10x8ft $180
20x8ft $322

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do your fabric displays have the ability to stretch?

Unlike our regular fabric and vinyl banners, the tension fabric has an elastic, stretchable quality, allowing your display to stretch over the stand to create a smooth fabric surface. The tension fabric material is designed specifically to stretch over the display frame.

  • Does overuse of the fabric display result in the fabric losing its stretchability?

No, the elastic polyester allows the display to maintain stretchability throughout the lifetime of the product (3+ years with proper care).

  • Is the frame adjustable in size?

No, the frame for the tension fabric display is not adjustable.

  • Does the fabric display allow light to pass through it? Does it offer a degree of transparency?

The stretchable fabric material allows very little to no light through it. There may be faint light visible through the display for lighter colored designs or bright lights directly behind the display. Otherwise, it is not designed to be transparent.

  • Do the aluminum poles have bungee cords inside of them?

Yes. The individual poles have bungee cords inside them for easy set up.

  • If the zipper breaks, is the fabric display portion unusable?

While it isn’t essential to zip the fabric display after attaching it to the frame, we do recommend displaying a tension fabric display when the zipper is working properly. Doing so simply helps ensure the display remains taut and gives the best aesthetic value. Nonetheless, in our experience the stretchable fabric itself will usually keep your display taut even if the zipper is unzipped or broken.

  • Will my display have seams?

There will be no seams in your tension display. There is stitching down the side of the fabric that is barely visible and will not affect the overall appearance of your display.

  • Are the edges of your tension fabric displays hemmed?

There are no hemmed edges on the tension fabric display. The sides do have stitching that is unnoticeable when displayed. The zipper portion of the banner is concealed at the bottom of the fabric display and will not be visible when displayed.

  • What kind of printing process do you use for your tension fabric displays?

We use a dye sublimation process to print the design onto the tension fabric. This process is specifically implemented to adhere the ink to the fabric material, creating a vibrant, long-lasting design.

  • Are the fabric displays a matte or gloss finish?

Your tension fabric display will have a vibrant, matte finish that will remain clear when stretched across the metal frame.

  • Should I be concerned about the fabric display ripping or tearing?

When assembled, displayed, and stored properly there should be no worry of your tension display ripping or tearing. Like with any fabric material, there is a chance that sharp objects can pierce the material, resulting in permanent damage. Tension fabrics have an increased chance of being torn or pierced by sharp objects or improper care and/or assembly.

  • Can I use tension fabric displays outdoors?

Tension fabric displays are specifically designed for indoor use. We do not recommend using tension displays outdoors, as this will decrease the longevity of the display. They also will not work in any kind of inclement weather. We offer a variety of outdoor display displays that can be used as an alternative to a custom tension fabric display if you are looking for an outdoor display or sign.

  • Are your tension fabric displays weather resistant?

We recommend that you use your custom tension fabric display indoors. Nonetheless, they are suitable for outdoor use with a couple of caveats. The first is the that outdoors may present a situation in which the display is damaged or torn due to sharp objects and piercing. The second is that while the frame is made from durable aluminum it is not anchored or weighted to the ground in any way. Thus, inclement weather such as strong wind will make it unsuitable unless the display is weight down in some way. Even when weighted, the wind can cause the display to act like a sail and be unwieldy outdoors. The last caveat is that the display is in no way meant to be a permanent exterior display of any kind. So while we recommend that your display primarily be used indoors, under the right conditions the display can be used temporarily outdoors when needed.

  • Can I use rope or string to secure my display to a solid object?

Since tension fabric displays are designed specifically for indoor use, there is no need to use ropes or string as anchoring. As such, the frame is not designed with anchor points or loops to tie down the frame or fabric display itself.

  • Will the design on my display fade over time? Is it able to be scratched off?

Your design is printed using dye sublimation which means the ink goes into the fabric to help reduce fading and scratching of the ink. With proper care and storage your design will last for years to come.

  • If I purchased the optional LED lights how do I set them up?

If you purchased the LED lights your shipment will contain two additional parts for your assembly. These parts are half-moon in shape and go over the top pole. With the attached screw you simply tighten the screw to lock them into place. The bottom of the LED lights is then designed to slide into a corresponding part of the pieces just attached. Simply drop the wires down the backside of your design and connect them to a power source.



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